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Application Development

When performance, security, data entry, power, and supportability are important the clear choice is a client-server application. Accessible in the office or remotely our applications streamline operations and deliver accurate and timely data to manage your business. RBS has developed hundreds of applications for our clients, and has developed multiple libraries for various software platforms to streamline our development process. This savings is passed along to our clients in the form of decreased development time, reduced run-time errors, reduced training time, and increased standardization. We design, develop, test, implement and support our applications in an effective and efficient manner.

Our client-server applications are enhanced when mobile and web applications work in concert allowing field personnel, customers, and vendors to interact seemlessly.

Database Development

All applications are data dependent. Well designed efficient databases are the key to a powerful and useful application. You must put a lot of emphasis on your back-end/server processing, the design of your database can make or break your application. RBS has years of experience in designing databases. From dBase to SQL Server, databases have come a long way and we can help you take advantage of the back-end processing and your underutilized resources. Whether building a new database or performance tuning your existing one, we can help navigate the complex world of data processing.

You'll hear many "Big Data" buzzwords, whether your looking for Business Intelligence (BI), Predictive Analytics, Descriptive Analytics, or Real Time Analytics. It all starts with designing and building an efficient data warehouse.

Mobile Development

Need to keep your employees or customers in touch, the effective utilization of mobile applications can give your company a competitive advantage. With 81% of americans now owning a smartphone (18-29=96%, 30-49=92%, 50-64=79%, 65+=53%) it's no wonder that mobile development has become so important to reach your goals. The number of devices, platforms, and development tools make this a difficult road to travel on your own. We can help you design and prioritize a solution for you to provide the biggest bang for your investment.

Web Development

Since the release of Microsoft's .NET development platform, RBS has evolved from pioneer to veteran when it comes to harnessing the power of .NET to leverage web technologies into viable business solutions.  Our flexible, scalable, and data-driven web portal architecture enables RBS to package core business solutions into a configurable, security-driven, and feature-rich web architecture without passing on additional costs to the client.  RBS's combined .NET development experience allows its team to ensure the rapid delivery of quality, feature-rich web solutions while focusing on the most important aspect of any project - your business.

Integration Services

Whether your business is small or large, you are most likely dealing with multiple systems that do not communicate with each other, costing your company thousands of man hours in double entry or time compiling numbers from multiple systems to get the answers that management needs to make business decisions. Whether you want to automate and excel spreadsheet or two or more large applications, we can help you navigate the terrain an provide cost-effective quick solutions so you can respond quickly to your ever-changing business needs.

Microsoft Office Automation

RBS utilizes the Visual Basic for Applications and the Microsoft suite of office products for many rapid solutions. Office solutions provide several benefits not found with typical client-server or internet applications. One it provides for easy end-user training since they are typically familiar with Excel and Word. It also provides for a shortened development cycle and is ideal for something that changes constantly.

Hosting Services

Need a system but don't have the resources to purchase, support, and maintain expensive equipment. We can not only provide you with a cost effective system, but we can host your company's application allowing for remote access and security for your companies information. Contact us to see how we can help your small business get the power and resources you need to compete in the current business environment. Let us worry about the technical details why you work on your core business.