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LMI - Logistics & Management Integration Minimize

LMI - Logistics & Management Integration


LMI is a result of years of experience in the waste and oil field services industries, streamlining operations and eliminating the redundancy of data collection. The system uses a powerful Microsoft SQL Server database that will allow for the sharing of information with other applications if necessary. LMI is affordably priced allowing for a quick return on investment.

  • “Logistics” – LMI tracks your most important assets like trucks, trailers, and frac tanks. The application will monitor their use and status while insuring that no rental hours are lost in the shuffle of daily activities. It will track tickets and the charges for each service call, providing you with the confidence that billable work will be tracked properly.
  • “Management” – LMI provides access to daily audit and tracking information so that Management can make business and operational decisions quickly and effectively. LMI contains audit, accounting, and governmental reports to assist you with your daily operations.
  • “Integration” – LMI combines Customer Service, Operations, Accounting, Management, and Payroll into one application making it incredibly efficient and effective. LMI collects and organizes information from the time an order is placed until the invoice is delivered to the customer.

LMI is extremely scalable, easy to use, and powerful. It is feature rich and provides utilities to maximize the collection of vital operations information while not requiring huge amounts of manpower to operate.

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YourSportsIT.com - Your Sport's Information Technology Provider Minimize


"Your Sports Information Technology" Provider


Corporations preach about effectiveness and efficiencies, economies of scale, productivity, and collaboration. However, volunteer organizations typically glance over these principles in favor of getting a job done and getting back to their family and/or work life. Well now there is a tool to help the volunteer sports organization increase the productivity, efficiency, and effectiveness of each volunteer through on-line collaboration. The "yourSportsIT" Solution is an internet application that centralizes the organization’s information and make it accessible to each of your organization’s volunteers as you see fit through a role based security model. Volunteers come and go, but "yourSportsIT" will continue to promote your organization’s best practices.

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